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 The 1:1 experience

I work with a limited number of parents each year who are committed to taking action and help them to navigate their separation with less stress & conflict so they can create a calm and happy life for themselves and their children.

4 months together



Thanks for making my life a million times better, now back to being a "Miss"! 

I have felt secure in the knowledge that you've had my best interests at heart at all times. First class service.

You were so helpful, approachable and reassuring during such a stressful time. 



your child

Whether they’re missing the other parent or refusing to spend time with them,   I’ll help you with the most critical parenting problems that separation brings so you can make your child’s life easier, happier and more settled.

You'll know how to handle your child's feelings and what to say (and what not to say) so they feel safe and secure.

negotiate like a pro

We'll brainstorm practical solutions to your problems so you feel level-headed and prepared going into difficult conversations.

I'll also teach you simple negotiation skills so you feel empowered knowing you can communicate persuasively what you and your child needs. 

your co-parenting relationship

While your relationship didn't work out, you will both be your child's parents forever. 

So I'm going to go a little Gwyneth Paltrow on you here!

I'll help you uncouple your relationship and create boundaries
so you stop slipping back into the old ways and bringing that high conflict into conversations.

it starts with you

It's no wonder your stress bucket is full to the top right now.

And I'm guessing your ex knows exactly how to press your buttons so that bucket overflows.

I'll teach you techniques to help manage your emotions so you feel better and are in the best possible place to handle those emotionally-charged conversations.

Here's what we'll work on together

We'll dive into what's going on for you at the moment and I'll identify the one thing you need to focus on to help you and your child through this.

You'll come away from the call with an enormous amount of clarity and the confidence to know what to do next.

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